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I completed the fourth 25-26 km session on Thursday! On Sunday I added a few more, so, the pledged 100 km has been achieved (and a bit more: 108). I celebrate an anniversary on Thursday. I started my very first running training 10 months ago, with the goal of running continuously for 30 minutes. Earlier I couldn’t run more than a couple minutes – I run out of breath.

Many thanks to all supporters for the kind words and cheering via Runtastic.

Special thanks to the 37 people (family, friends and strangers) who donated over HUF 200,000 to Bátor Tábor so far. You support a great cause! If I may, I’d like to encourage more people to join! People of Bátor Tábor do a wonderful job, they make the life of seriously ill children brighter, and they help them recover.

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