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Libegő trail

Hi Everyone,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Zsófi Bérci.

Some of you already know me from the Running Club 🙂

I like to run long distances in the mountains. I have been training for years now to run these longer races, but it’s always a challenge to go long.

Last year I failed at the first main race of the season, but this year I am mentally (and hopefully physically as well) prepared and going confident to run Mátrabérc Trail in April.

I went for a hard training run this sunday, under the Libegő/Chairlift on János-hegy. The funny part for me, is that I’ve never actually rode the Chairlift. 3x up and 2x down – 14K with 900D+ a true running rollercoaster… The trail underneath was muddy, slippery, steep… so, very HARD.

I hope I will be able to finish the race this year (54km, 2800D+) 🙂