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Train, Race, Donate – 500/5K/500K

Hello, join me on a marathon donation effort in 2018.

I support Bator Tabor, a charity organization helping seriously ill kids and their families in many ways but mostly by applying best therapeutic methods and tools in free summer camps. For more information go here:


We came up with the campaign to raise at least 500,000 Hungarian Forints if I complete eight official triathlon, half & full marathon and trail running races in 2018. The campaign is called “500, 5K, 500K” meaning I will race total of 500km, train some 5000km and collect 500,000 HUF. Here is the link to the campaign: , it is available in Hungarian and English.


By supporting Bator Tabor via my campaign you support organization that had hosted almost 8000 critically ill kids and their family members in therapeutic camps over the past 15 years. You also support me by sharing the message of persistence, staying focused, going long, living healthy and in the community.


I am a very busy technology leader, dad and husband and am traveling extensively. This is not an easy task for me. Also, I will follow and advocate plant based diet during this entire effort to promote healthy nutrition.


Below are the list of races with dates and length. I will personally pay for participation and many other expenses, i.e. I am not sponsored by anyone.


Total length is some 503km and I hope to achieve much more than 503,000 HUF with your donations. The campaign starts now and finishes on October 21, 2018.


Please donate, every euro of forint means a ton in our battle to help these kids live fulfilled life.

I will blog regularly about my training, races and everyday effort to accomplish this great goal.

Thank you!



  1. Zuzmara Half Marathon run, Jan 14 , 21.1km
  2. Vivicitta Spring Half marathon run on April 15 (21.1km)
  3. Balatonman Kenese Half Ironman Triathlon on May 25, 113km (1.9+90+21.1 swim, bike, run)
  4. Keszthely 575 Half Ironman Triathlon on June 9 , 113km  (1.9+90+21.1 swim, bike, run)
  5. Budapestman Olympic Triathlon at the end of August , 51.5km (1.5+40+10 swim, bike, run)
  6. Balatonman Fured Half Ironman Triathlon, September 14, 113km  (1.9+90+21.1 swim, bike, run)
  7. Spar Marathon run October 7, 42.2km
  8. Matra Trail run, October 21, 28km


p.s. I reserve rights to change races, distances and schedule as long I keep approximately same balance of swim, bike and run and  a total of minimum 500km.


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