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The elite force of life experiences Globus Vital Team is an enthusiastic sports team of 13 people. There are women, men, young and old between us, and even what we are particularly proud of, two children! We are diverse, but we have one thing in common: we love to run and motivate each other! This year our team is participating in Hungary's most popular sporting event called Ultrabalaton, which will take place on October 2, 2021. The one-lap race around Lake Balaton is also the longest race in the world in Central Europe. We will run the 221 km relay in a wonderful environment, at the end of the race the individual performances will add up and our team will leave the finish line with a lifetime experience. It will be a great joy that we would like to share with others, specifically with the little Braves. Who are they and how can you join us in this experience? Globus Vital Team has joined "The Elite Forces of Life Experiences" the charitable sports community of the Camp of the Braves Foundation. So for charity, we are at the starting line for the little Braves. They are seriously ill children and our goal is to support their therapy camp and their healthy diet. Let's make them happy together! With your support, you help the Camp of the Braves, that is to say sick children, to acquire many great experiences. The kilometers traveled can be adopted for the price of a coffee or a movie ticket. The little Braves are fighting! Off-leash, every day! We will also force ourselves to cross the finish line successfully and accomplish the mission of "The Elite Force of Life Experiences" Adopt our kilometers, which you can do already before the race, during our training!

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