Bakos Béla

27. Spar Budapest Marathon / Marathon Relay

By joining the Élménykülönítmény (the Troop of Philantrophists) and by my charity run I would like to inspire my friends, relatives and other people around me to take part in a common good turn.

The Bátor Tábor Foundation (literally, Camp of Courage Foundation) has organised therapeutic recreation camping programmes for children with malignant tumours and chronic diseases for eleven years now. With their help every year 700 seriously ill children are given the opportunity to take part in cheerful programmes rich in sense of accomplishment, helping them improve their self image and self confidence – adventures that charge up their batteries, improve their self-esteem and strengthen their faith in recovery. And that, besides medicines, is badly needed to overcome disease. One of our campers once said: „Bátor Tábor is a machine, in which children are thrown, and a healthier, happier and more courageous child comes out.”

These are the feelings that make me toe the line on 7 October 2012 at the 27th Spar Budapest Marathon. Please stand by me, sponsor one mile of my run by donating one or two thousand Hungarian Forint. Together we can reach further.

Fundraising goal:

200 000 HUF

Your contribution will be used entirely for therapeutic recreation camping of children with cancer and chronic diseases. You can make your donation by paying online or with bank transfer. Click here!

  • By the team raised amount: 304 060 HUF

Hírfolyam szűrése:

  • Oct 04
  • RR

    Révész Róbert

    5 000 HUF támogatja Jópofák csapatát

    Nemes a cél, kívánom, hogy célba érj(en)!
  • Sep 28
  • NB

    Nádas Bence

    10 000 HUF támogatja Jópofák csapatát

    Nemes a kezdeményezés! Becsülendő a sport-teljesítmény!
  • Sep 27
  • BM

    Böckl Mátyás

    10 000 HUF támogatja Jópofák csapatát

  • Sep 26
  • BB

    Bakos Béla

    10 000 HUF támogatja Jópofák csapatát

  • Sep 13
  • BB

    Barabás Boglárka

    5 000 HUF támogatja Jópofák csapatát

  • Sep 12
  • BR

    Bertényi Réka

    10 000 HUF támogatja Jópofák csapatát

    Királyok vagytok, hogy megint indultok! Sok sikert! ott leszek veletek, csak családi csapattal futok.
  • FT

    Fejes Tibor

    10 000 HUF támogatja Jópofák csapatát

    Minden élmény egy újabb lépés a teljes gyógyulás felé!
  • XY


    - támogatja Jópofák csapatát

  • KJ

    Kuznyecova Jekatyerina

    1 000 HUF támogatja Jópofák csapatát


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27. Spar Budapest Marathon
304 060 HUF

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