The CAS team of Skagerak

Daniel Engen

Oslo Marathon / Marathon Relay

I think that it is really great that we are running a CAS activity through our school to help children that are in need of it.

Running a marathon to help gather the funds is a really good way of doing this, and it will be a good challenge on my side as well. Even though I have Asthma, I will be able to run this distance as I have been running for a good while now.
I am very happy I got this opportunity.

Please stand by me, sponsor one mile of my run by donating one or two hundred NOK.

Together we can reach further.

Fundraising goal:

30 000 HUF

Your contribution will be used entirely for therapeutic recreation camping of children with cancer and chronic diseases. You can make your donation by paying online or with bank transfer. Click here!

  • By the team raised amount: 35 354 HUF

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Oslo Marathon
35 354 HUF

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