RUNtastic 4

Dr Barna Balázs

The 32nd SPAR Budapest Marathon® Festival / Marathon relay of 4

Dear Visitor!

I could write a novel about who I am, what it is, what we are doing and why, but as you are already here, I am sure you have some clues about the above. : )
So I would not like to say anything more, I will let these thoughts from the campers help you:

„Bátor Tábor is an energy drink for the soul, an elixyr, that heals the wounds of our souls. If I could, I would pack the camp in my pocket, bring it home, and, when I miss it or feel down, just take it out and relive everything.”
„Bátor Tábor is hearts beating together”
„Bátor Tábor is like an oasis in the middle of the desert.”
„Coming back to the camp is like arriving to an island after a storm on the sea”
„Bátor Tábor is a wonderous place, where you can not only make new friends and many experiences, but it teaches u show to realise and appracieate the small good things in our life through our condition. Life in the camp can not be described with words with many-many happy and joyful moments”
„What did I learn in Bátor Tábor? To accept myself the way I am. The camp help me a lot with it. The many challenges and experiences convinced me that I am capable of everything. If I am brave enough to free-fall from 9 metres high, there are no unpassable obstacles. I learned to get over my fears.”
„Bátor Tábor is like being reborn. We learn to be brave and happy again, we get our self-confidence back, and it makes us remember that we are no less than any totally healthy person.
„Bátor Tábor is a totally different world. When you enter through its gates, you become a baby once more, who is still not yet corrupted by the world outside.”
„Bátor Tábor is the place where you can put down your heavy backpack you got from life for a while. Legions of volunteers are trying to make us smile all the time. We realised that we are not alone: here, everything revolves around us. During the activities, we came to realise that all of us can let go of our anxieties and difficulties: we became more self-confident.”
„Bátor Tábor is all the happy moments in my life, condensed into one week.”
„In Bátor Táborb I learned that it is true that we live only once, but then BRING IT ON!”

I hope that it helped you to see and feel, what this is about, why we come back again and again, year after year, not sparing time and energy. We are collecting for them. We don’t ask for much, you can help this wonder live on with the value of two chocolates or the price of a morning coffee.

I’ve been there as a child, and saw that it was good. Then I returned as an adult, as a volunteer, and realised that it is even better. Now we can act together to feel the best! And why? Because, as it is in the Camp song: „Blue skies and sunshine is where we belong”

Fundraising goal:

250 000 HUF

Your contribution will be used entirely for therapeutic recreation camping of children with cancer and chronic diseases. You can make your donation by paying online or with bank transfer. Click here!

  • By the team raised amount: 253 000 HUF

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  • Sep 27
  • KÖSZÖNJÜK, csak így tovább! :)

    Bokros teendőim miatt az utóbbi időben sajnos nem igazán jutottam el futni. Biztos ismerős, reggel korán kel az ember, egész nap dolgozik, hazaér este, hideg van, sötét van, esik az eső… Úgy éreztem, kezdek kicsit berozsdásodni, és bevallom őszintén, megijedtem, hogy mi lesz így… aztán felnéztem a gyűjtőoldalra, és láttam, hogy TI már teljesítettétek az […]
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  • XY


    supports with - the campaign of Dr Barna Balázs

  • Sep 12
  • Elfutottam gyorsan plakátokért, megvolt a mai kis edzéske

    Immár nem csak online felületen próbáljuk az embereket motiválni a csodatevésre, hanem a való életben is hallatunk magunkról. Ezt segítendő Valentin gyártott nekünk posztert, amiért el is szaladtam, hogy tudjak én is kirakni belőle. Igaz, hogy kisebb kerülővel, de sikerült 6,5 km után odaérnem. 🙂

  • Sep 11
  • DHL

    Dr. Hegedűs László

    supports with 500 HUF the campaign of Dr Barna Balázs

    Hajrá Bazsa!
  • Sep 09
  • XY


    supports with - the campaign of Dr Barna Balázs

    Hajrá! :)
  • Sep 07
  • CA

    Csaszny Anna

    supports with 750 HUF the campaign of Dr Barna Balázs

    Isten áldásával!
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    Boros Zsanett

    supports with 1 250 HUF the campaign of Dr Barna Balázs

    Élmény futást kívánok a Bátor Táborért!
  • XY


    supports with - the campaign of Dr Barna Balázs

    Csak így tovább!! Puszi!!!!!

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