Friday team

Friday team

37th Lidl Lake Balaton cross swimming / long distance swimming

We joined Élménykülönitmény with my sister, because we prefer to take part on sport events that give the money to charities. Luckily there are a lot of oppurtinities in our city. I have tried helping people on an other way too – running with a visually imparied person. Since I like challenges, I have chosen swimmimg accross the Lake Balaton, which isn’t my main sport, unlike my teammate, whose home is the water. The place was obvious, we are both bound to this lake. We have both cycled and I have even ran (in a team) it around. My sister has experience in swimming it accross, too. We also spent a determinate time here of our childhood. So that’s why we find it important to help children with deseases by letting them go to camps. Please support them in anyway you can, and we promise, we will do our part, too!

Fundraising goal:

200 000 HUF

Your contribution will be used entirely for therapeutic recreation camping of children with cancer and chronic diseases. You can make your donation by paying online or with bank transfer. Click here!

  • By the team raised amount: 7 500 HUF
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Hírfolyam szűrése:

  • May 16
  • Tókerülés

    A hétvégén körbetekertem a Nagy Tavat – ha már ott van. Egy futócsapat biciklis kísérőjeként tettem mindezt.. Kellemesen elfáradtam, körbe azért hosszabb, mint a vízen keresztül! 😉

  • May 06
  • XY


    supports with - the campaign of Friday team

    Hajrá Friday team!
  • Mar 11
  • Kutyás futás

    Ma 6 lábon gyűjtöttük a km-eket a szép tavaszi napsütésben..

  • Mar 06
  • PL

    Pėntek Lászlóné

    supports with 5 000 HUF the campaign of Friday team

  • Feb 23
  • Tavaszváró

    Nagyon szeretjük a téli sportokat (is) – ma korcsolyacipőt húztam, de már mi is inkább a tavaszt várjuk, hogy minék többet kijuthassunk a szabadba! Na, rohanunk is farsangi futásra..

  • Feb 11
  • Péntek Ákos

    supports with - the campaign of Friday team

    Húzzunk bele!
  • Feb 10
  • KR

    Kovács Renáta

    supports with 1 000 HUF the campaign of Friday team

    Hajrá hajrá!! Sok sikert!! :)
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