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Jahn Benedikt Nitschke

Sandefjordsløpet 2015 / 10 km

I’ll like to introduce myself, my name is Jahn Benedikt Nitschke. I prefer Ben though, I’m currently enrolled in the Diploma Programme. This is my first year in Skagerak International School, which has been a huge change in lifestyle as I previously used to live in Malaysia. The first thing to know about the IB is the CAS, which is greatly important in fulfilling the entire programme. One of the Global Awareness Projects is Camp of the Brave which is translated from Bator Tabor in Hungarian.

The organisation is helping children with chronic illnesses, it strives to provide the experiences that healthy children experience like rock climbing, canoeing, archery etc. I chose this as my CAS as I can relate to this. I’ve helped with charity organisations before in Malaysia, helping orphans during Christmas and other things. Additionally, I have firsthand knowledge regarding the illness as I have close family relatives, who are currently facing permanent chronic illness. To raise funds for this organisation we will be taking sponsors to run in the Oslo marathon in 2015. Our current aim is to raise NOK 50,000 and will be directly sent to the organisation if you were to sponsor me or the others on this page with the button on the right. Thank you 🙂

Fundraising goal:

50 000 HUF

Your contribution will be used entirely for therapeutic recreation camping of children with cancer and chronic diseases. You can make your donation by paying online or with bank transfer. Click here!

  • By the team raised amount: 57 967 HUF

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    Best of luck mate! Do your best :)
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    Nitschke Jahn

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    Lykke til med løpe!
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    You better win first place. Don't waste my money

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Sandefjordsløpet 2015
57 967 HUF

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