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Solfrid Kvinnesland

Sandefjordsløpet 2015 / 10 km

Hi, thank you for click on my page.There are many good reasons for why you should support bator tabor Here i will tell you a bit about me and why i am so active in supporting bator tabor. I am a second year diploma program student in Norway and as a CAS project last year I joined the bator tabor group to explore what this was.I am Helping to fundraise for Bator Tabor by running a race. This is my second year of fundraising for the bator tabor organization. Bator tabor help a lot of cancer and chronicle ill children to have a bit of their childhood back which in itself is amazing As I my self know what it means to spend a lot of time in the hospital feeling like you lose a part of your childhood to something you can’t control. Makes this Organization lay close to my heart.

Last year I travelled with a group of students from my school to the actual bator tabor camp in Hungary to visit and see where the money we collect actually go. We spent a week in the camp and the saturday there was an open day for children with chronicle diseases. It was a fun day filled with laughter and fun activities including games and dance and so much more. Parents and children where walking around with smiles on their faces all day long. If no one had told me that this was sick children i wouldn’t have known it. This made me feel that it was all worth it, because it truly is every bit of cash that goes to the camp.

In Bator tabor they don’t separate sick from health everyone is healthy there. Children may come to the camp very sick but after just a short time they feel much better if not even healthy again. The camp make children feel like children again and even more importantly they get to behave and be treated as normal children again They simply get some of their childhood back after spending so much time in the hospital

this is way your donation even just a little amount of money help so much it makes it possible for more children to have this amazing experience in the camp.

Fundraising goal:

50 000 HUF

Your contribution will be used entirely for therapeutic recreation camping of children with cancer and chronic diseases. You can make your donation by paying online or with bank transfer. Click here!

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