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Szőnyi Szabolcs

20th K&H olympic marathon and half marathon relay / Half marathon relay - team of 3

You have to think positively about your life, even if it is harder than for other people. You should smile; the joy and friends take us further. The Bátor Tábor (Courage Camp) is an amazing place, where a many kids with chronic diseases can gain unforgettable experiences and make lifelong friendships during a whole week.

I am living with Diabetes for 15 years by now. I have many experiences from Diabetic Camps and I know that the sport, the common events and the positive-minded thinking are very important parts of our life. That’s why me, and my two diabetic friends would like to show on the K&H half marathon that running a few kilometers is not a big deal.

If you would like to take part in this action with us, please sponsor our kilometers. Even ten or twenty Euros could help a lot for the ill children, and they could enjoy the Courage Camp!
Together for the Kids!

Fundraising goal:

200 000 HUF

Your contribution will be used entirely for therapeutic recreation camping of children with cancer and chronic diseases. You can make your donation by paying online or with bank transfer. Click here!

  • By the team raised amount: 141 165 HUF

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  • May 24
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    Nyikita Lilla

    2 500 HUF támogatja Dolce Vita csapatát

    Sok sikert! ;-)

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