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27. Spar Budapest Marathon / Marathon Relay

Dear Friends!

My colleagues and I are running for a great cause. This year we are putting together two relay teams in order to run the Budapest Marathon in October.

We are supporting the Bátor Tábor Foundation (literally, Camp of Courage Foundation), which has organised therapeutic recreation camping programmes for children with malignant tumours and chronic diseases for eleven years now. With their help every year 700 seriously ill children are given the opportunity to take part in cheerful programmes rich in sense of accomplishment, helping them improve their self image and self confidence – adventures that charge up their batteries, improve their self-esteem and strengthen their faith in recovery. And that, besides medicines, is badly needed to overcome disease. One of our campers once said: „Bátor Tábor is a machine, in which children are thrown, and a healthier, happier and more courageous child comes out.”

Please stand by me, sponsor one mile of my run by donating to this wonderful cause. Together we can reach further.

Thank you!

Fundraising goal:

200 000 HUF

Your contribution will be used entirely for therapeutic recreation camping of children with cancer and chronic diseases. You can make your donation by paying online or with bank transfer. Click here!

  • By the team raised amount: 225 500 HUF

Hírfolyam szűrése:

  • Oct 05
  • BE

    BCG Employees

    89 000 HUF támogatja BCG B csapatát

  • Sep 26
  • NG

    Nádai-Móritz Géza

    - támogatja BCG B csapatát

  • XY


    - támogatja BCG B csapatát

    Come on bratanki!
  • DR

    Dimitrov Ruslan

    - támogatja BCG B csapatát

  • MV

    Müller Viktor

    - támogatja BCG B csapatát

  • Sep 06
  • JG

    Jonathan Goldberg

    - támogatja BCG B csapatát

    Go Chris Go!
  • Sep 05
  • WM

    Welch Michael

    - támogatja BCG B csapatát

    Good luck man!
  • PSP

    Posner Stacy Pearl and Lindsay

    11 000 HUF támogatja BCG B csapatát

    Good luck- we're behind you all the way!!!
  • Sep 02
  • AK

    Ari Kantrowitz

    13 750 HUF támogatja BCG B csapatát

    Chispas, good luck with the run!
  • Aug 31
  • BL

    Bataillon Leigh

    13 750 HUF támogatja BCG B csapatát

    Such an excellent cause to support. Good luck.
  • Aug 29
  • TK

    Torpp Kjetil

    13 750 HUF támogatja BCG B csapatát

  • Aug 27
  • MI

    Maci Ilir

    5 500 HUF támogatja BCG B csapatát

  • BC

    BCG Community

    30 000 HUF támogatja BCG B csapatát

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27. Spar Budapest Marathon
225 500 HUF

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