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(English) I’m going to take part in a challenge this year, with a charitable purpose. I joined the charity sports community of Bátor Tábor Foundation organizing therapeutic recreation camping programmes for seriously ill children. We came up with the campaign to raise at least 500,000 Hungarian Forints if I complete official triathlon, half & full marathon and trail running races in total length of 500km in 2018. I would need to swim/bike/run over 5000km to prepare for this, therefore the campaign is called “500K..5000K…500,000K for Charity!”.

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500 000 HUF

Adományodat daganatos és krónikus beteg gyerekek élményterápiás táboroztatására fordítjuk. Felajánlásodat online fizetéssel, banki átutalással vagy postai csekk igénylésével is megteheted. Kattints ide!

  • Eddig gyűjtött: 162 000 HUF

Hírfolyam szűrése:

  • Már 17
  • TT

    Temesi Tamas

    - támogatja Glavaski Milan kampányát

  • WC

    Wilcox Christopher

    7 000 Ft-tal támogatja Glavaski Milan kampányát

  • feb 07
  • KM

    Kentish Michael

    - támogatja Glavaski Milan kampányát

    Good luck with it all man!
  • feb 06
  • XY


    - támogatja Glavaski Milan kampányát

    Go Milan!
  • feb 02
  • We are getting THERE!!!!

    We are at 145K HUF out 500K HUF of yearly goal!!! And that is after JUST ONE RACE out of EIGHT that I will compete in this year. Listen folks, we can do A LOT, thank you, thank you for supporting this great initiative. I am pushing some  10-14 hours of training a week, I […]

  • jan 28
  • XY


    - támogatja Glavaski Milan kampányát

  • jan 21
  • Zuzmara Half Marathon

    For my first race this year we collected 9% of my yearly goal for Bator Tabor donations, made me really happy considering that we ran the campaign for less than two weeks before the race. THANK YOU. So, first our of eight races this year was supposed to be fairly standard half marathon if I had any […]

  • jan 10
  • CD

    Csuka Denes

    5 000 Ft-tal támogatja Glavaski Milan kampányát

    Great challenge for 2018! Bator Tabor is in my home town (Hatvan) and I know that the donation goes to good place. GO, GO, GO MILAN!
  • jan 09
  • VE

    Varga Eva

    - támogatja Glavaski Milan kampányát

    Dear Milan, keep going ! Dear Milan, keep going! Sending my sincere appreciation and support to Your initiative. Best regards, Eva
  • jan 08
  • DN

    Duraisamy Nandhini

    10 000 Ft-tal támogatja Glavaski Milan kampányát

    I can't run but I am happy to support your cause. Cheers. Nandhini
  • jan 07
  • SGV

    Smoje Glavaski Vanja

    - támogatja Glavaski Milan kampányát

    Go go!
  • jan 06
  • BC

    Bábás Csilla

    5 000 Ft-tal támogatja Glavaski Milan kampányát

    The first 5K ;) Good Luck Milan :-)
  • CM

    Csalló Miklós

    5 000 Ft-tal támogatja Glavaski Milan kampányát

    wow impressed challenge, Milan! Good luck!
  • jan 05
  • Train, Race, Donate – 500/5K/500K

    Hello, join me on a marathon donation effort in 2018. I support Bator Tabor, a charity organization helping seriously ill kids and their families in many ways but mostly by applying best therapeutic methods and tools in free summer camps. For more information go here:    We came up with the campaign to raise […]


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