CAS Team of Skagerak

Veronica Hemmerle

Sandefjordsløpet 2015 / 10 km

For the second year now I have decided to commit to the organisation of Bator Tabor and to support this organisation through the raising of funds. It was an experience to be part of this amazing team the first year and I have no doubt that it will be just like that again this year. It will be a challenge again. Though some things along this road are familiar it is in many ways new since the people I am taking this road with are not the same, and my perspective has changed since the last time I was part of this team. I believe that it is the little things that can sometimes make the biggest difference and I hope and thank you in advance for helping and supporting me, this group and the children and families we are committed to.

Thank you.

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50 000 HUF

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    Arneng Sofie

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    Hemmerle Veronica

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    Janos Oreg

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    Nice job on "Craft Sale" Veronica and Solfrid! Well done!

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Sandefjordsløpet 2015
57 967 HUF
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