210 km, For children with cancer!

210 km, For children with cancer! Dear all my friends! It\'s been 3 weeks and I\'m starting the XVI. NN Ultrabalaton individual race in the 210 km individual distance with my companion Tamás Kézsmárki, for the children of the Bátor Tábor with a chronic, seriously chronic illness! Last time I took part in the Decathlon 24 km cross-country race, and the sick children also remembered that I would soon be running around the Hungarian sea for them. The closer we get to the start, the more times I think about them to make my campaign successful and productive. There are children who, unfortunately, struggle for their health every day, with pain and affliction. The Brave Camp organizes experience therapy sessions for children, where they can be heroes, forget about sadness and pain, and really be themselves. However, the cost of getting to the camp, the medical equipment in the camp, the meals in most situations, is getting higher! That’s why I sell my Ultrabalaton kmeim, or offer the price of a daily menu, or the price of 3 bars of chocolate, up to the price of 3 pints of beer! if your options allow, so you want to do it for sick children, please support my campaign with a donation of your choice. Fundraising target 200,000 FT

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Determined, ready to go!

I already have my passports to start! I am ready and waiting for the certain signal (START!) To complete the "Only one lap" (which is 210 km) for sick children! If you haven't covered a kilometer yet but want to support my campaign at the same time, click the SUPPORT button! Let's have a lifelong experience for the little heroes together!

210 km run for children with cancer!

210 km for children with cancer! I started preparing for the 210 km individual distance at Ultrabalaton, where I run for the Heroes of the Brave Camp. I remember 5 years ago how happy I was when we ran from Budapest to Hatvan on the occasion of the camp's birthday. It was an indescribable experience. Every day I either run or train in the gym early in the morning before or after my work, and although the days are so long, now it’s worth it because they’re not fighting for a day or a month, but for months or years! "Your feet are always at hand!" So I don’t complain, I persevere for ...