210 km run for children with cancer!

210 km for children with cancer! I started preparing for the 210 km individual distance at Ultrabalaton, where I run for the Heroes of the Brave Camp. I remember 5 years ago how happy I was when we ran from Budapest to Hatvan on the occasion of the camp's birthday. It was an indescribable experience. Every day I either run or train in the gym early in the morning before or after my work, and although the days are so long, now it’s worth it because they’re not fighting for a day or a month, but for months or years! "Your feet are always at hand!" So I don’t complain, I persevere for celom like they do. On January 29, I will run around Lake Balaton, which is a good training for ultra Lake Balaton, and thus for my goal of 2022 (to run Lake Balaton 7 times in 2022). Please SUPPORT my campaign if your opportunities allow us to bring happiness and a smile to the faces of the Brave Camp!