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2018. február 02. 19:47

We are getting THERE!!!!

We are at 145K HUF out 500K HUF of yearly goal!!! And that is after JUST ONE RACE out of EIGHT that I will compete in this year. Listen ...

2018. január 21. 20:49

Zuzmara Half Marathon

For my first race this year we collected 9% of my yearly goal for Bator Tabor donations, made me really happy considering that we ran the campaign for less than two weeks before the race. THANK YOU. So, first our of eight races this year was supposed to be fairly standard half marathon if I had any brain going into it. I have chosen the worst possible shoes for the race. Took very hard, ultra cushioned winter trail shoes thinking we're going to run in knee deep mud. We kind of a did run some 4-5KM in mud over the race course in Budapest but the rest 16KM was on a concrete. Took me 3 ...

2018. január 05. 17:57

Train, Race, Donate – 500/5K/500K

Hello, join me on a marathon donation effort in 2018. I support Bator Tabor, a charity organization helping seriously ill kids and ...