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400 km – 400 thousand HUF

Am I a GLADIATOR? No, absolutely not! But I can try something.

I pledged 400 km, and aim to collect HUF 400,000 in donations to support the wonderful work of Bátor Tábor. It isn’t too much, is it? Only HUF 1000 for each km that I complete in the next 30 days.

It isn’t mission impossible. I can complete the distance in a month if I pay attention and devote myself each and every day. No, I cannot run the distance but running, jogging, fast walking and walking with my dog – altogether will do it. 

It isn’t mission impossible. My friends can donate the amount. The many-many people, all great persons, whom I meet in my everyday life here in the village, there in the city, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, on Instagram, they can easily donate even much more. 

Even multiples of my goal wouldn’t be too much to support Bátor Tábor.


I already started on Tuesday, and by Wednesday I completed 18 thousand meters (mostly walking). Who starts the donation? When do we reach 18 thousand forints? 


Kerékfy Pál

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400 km